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Nov 20, 2021
In Share Your Memory
From the time Monika and i met we had a great connection. We met at a poker tourney i was running. On the 3rd night there i commented on her hair and how nice it looked curled. She later told me the story of getting up early every morning to walk a mile to use her curling iron and how her dad would tease her about " getting pretty for the chipmunks". By the end of a couple of months she wanted me to come meet the twins which i did (love you both). Later that summer her dad died and she called me for comfort. She would call me 2-3 times a day because she was lonely and needed to talk to some on who understood her faith and religious beliefs. I am also a minister and we did bible study together. Some times in person , some times on the phone. She confided in me her many stories of loving and being proud of her (Chillen's ) Monika told me many stories from your births to becoming the grown ups you are today. Each and every one of you now have a special place in my heart as well. Ryan your gymnastics stories are great. Nati and K i kept tabs on the weather where ever you were living to keep Mye comforted. My favorite story of you 2 is when you got to meet Dolly Parton when you were very little. Houston her stories of your curiosity make me chuckle yet today Grace her favorite memory of you was how you got your name as a sign from Yahweh. Jesse she giggled when she told me your real name and how you got it and how proud she was you over came a early disability to become a great basket ball player and graduate from college. Dustin she relished in you being her baby and how much it meant to her that you got the cobra. She always told me i would get to meet all of you and much she wished i could have met her Dad Franz her mother Sharon which i know she told you some things about me. Troy you are her most favorite example of being human Franz Jr she always looked up to you as her older brother. I wish peace many blessings and love for all of you including you "The Bruce man"
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